Parkland Medical Clinic - Now Closed Permanently

PARKLAND MEDICAL CLINIC is closed permanently as of August 17, 2018. Please see below for physician relocation details or refer to link below. 
WEBSITE:  Queen Street Medical Management Group  


Physicians that relocated to ConnectCare Medical Clinic (Spruce Grove):
Physicians that relocated to Tri-Wellness (Spruce Grove)
Physicians that relocated to Wolf Willow Clinic (Edmonton)
Dr. Preet Rai (M)
Dr. Jakub Hruczkowski (M)
Dr. Sonia Fairfield (F)
Dr. Peter Fung (M)
Dr. Sesan Oduwole (M)
Dr. Diego Roja-Luzardo (M)
Dr. Ammara Sadiq (F)
Dr. Qamar Famita (F)
Dr. Rana Hossain (M)
Dr. Setorme Tsikata (F)
Dr. El Mahguib (M)

Please see below for a list of websites that provide reliable health information:


PCN PMO Government of Alberta Alberta Medical Association Alberta Health Services

101, 505 Queen Street, Spruce Grove, Alberta, Canada   T7X 2V2

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