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Community Health Navigator

What is a Community Health Navigator (CHN)?

The Community Health Navigator (CHN) position works with the Westview PCN targeted patients with chronic diseases (e.g. diabetes, kidney disease, heart disease, lung disease, etc.) to improve access to health care and other resources available in their community.  This role works with patients, communities, physicians, and the health care team to provide the best care possible. CHNs are members of primary health care teams and experts in helping patients find health, social, and cultural resources in their communities. The CHN program can be offered virtually, in person, or a combination of both to support patients living with chronic disease. 

A community health navigator is a patient-centered care provider who:

• Has strong roots in the community they serve and is an expert in available health, social and cultural resources, and services.

• Is a trusted member of the primary care team who can accompany patients through their healthcare journey.

• Has extensive on-the-job training in health system navigation and social support and receives support from the professional team (but does not have professional clinical education).




What Does a CHN Do?

• Promotes, encourages and supports positive self-management behavior.

• Supports patients to achieve the goals of their care plan.

• Supports health system navigation.

• Connects patients to community resources.

• Supports and encourages cultural safety.


The WestView PCN Community Health Navigators are mobile and work with patients in the home, in our clinics, and out in the community. The Community Health Navigator accepts direct referrals from PCN physicians and clinical associates via WestView PCN Clinical Fax (780) 960-9591. All referral forms are now located inside the portal.