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WestView PCN

Family physicians and health professionals providing
the best care for you at all stages of life.


Online Appointments 

Our Virtual Care Clinic is open for online bookings.

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Youth Mental Health

Our Youth Mental Health Clinic accepts walk-ins

for ages 11-25 on Fridays at the WVPCN,

9 am - 1 pm. 


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Free Health Classes 


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Heart health, obesity nutrition, and grief support.


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Walk-In Clinic

Tri Wellness MD Centre offers walk-ins on

Monday to Friday mornings on a

first-come-first-served basis.


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Physician Opportunities 


Symphony Medical Clinic, Spruce Pro Family Clinic,

and ConnectCare Medical Clinic have openings

for Full-Time and Part-Time Physicians.


More Info & Why Join a PCN

NEW ADDRESS! Please note that our address has changed and we are now located at 205-505 Queen Street. If you tested positive for COVID-19, let your family doctor know. They will provide the support and help you need. Check our COVID-19 updates.

Welcome to Your Medical Home

At the WestView Primary Care Network, your family doctor works with a team of dedicated health professionals, including nurses, pharmacists, dietitians, psychologists, community connectors, and social workers, to provide you with the best health care at every stage of your life, and to create and maintain healthy and active communities. 

We serve Spruce Grove, Stony Plain, Parkland County and neighbouring Indigenous communities.

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About Us

The WestView Primary Care Network (WestView PCN or WVPCN) is a non-profit organization that brings local family doctors and health professionals together to provide the best health care for you and your family through medical homes in our communities.

Patient's Medical Home (PMH)

A medical home is your base in the health care system. It is where your family physician coordinates your health needs in collaboration with other care providers in your health neighbourhood, such as nurses, pharmacists and social workers.

Find a Family Doctor

Research shows that having a continuous relationship with a family physician and care team improves your health, reduces your visits to emergency rooms and helps you age healthier and live longer. Our website provides tools to help you find a family doctor within our network or in other locations in Alberta. 

Patient Education Classes

We offer free, virtual patient education classes to help you achieve your health and wellness goals. Classes offered by the WestView PCN, Edmonton Zone PCNs and AHS include Obesity Clinic Nutrition, Smoking Cessation, Heart Health, Diabetes Management, Eating the Mediterranean Way, Coping with Anger, Happiness Basics, Prenatal Health, Drop-In Exercise, and more!

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Reducing the Impact of Financial Strain on Albertans



News & Articles

Obesity Awareness

Obesity is a chronic, progressive and relapsing disease, characterized by the presence of abnormal or excess adiposity (body fat) that impairs health and social well-being.

Obesity is a leading cause of serious conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, arthritis and cancer. Eating healthy, being physically active and limiting screen time can reduce one’s risk of obesity. Learn more about obesity and what services we have that can support you.  

Dungeons & Dragons 2024

Have fun as you role-play as your character and experience the world through another's perspective! You will be challenged by puzzles to solve and play combat experiences that promote teamwork and effective communication. After the game, we will debrief and explore how your actions affect the situation and the people around you!

Mental Wellness Tools Group

A new mental wellness group for youth 13-18 on Mondays, at the WestView Primary Care Network in Spruce Grove.