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Health Resources

Canada's Food Guide 

Make healthy meals with Canada’s food guide plate

Canadian Obesity Network
Provides resources for the public and health professionals about obesity and weight loss management.

Canadian Nutrition Society 

Newcomer Nutrition Education Toolkit

A collection of nutrition teaching resources for audiences with basic English literacy and diverse cultural backgrounds. The Toolkit includes presentations to use with groups, printed displays, videos, and handouts that are low literacy or translated.

Canadian Celiac Association
A good information source for people with Celiac Disease, including diet recommendations.

Unlock Food, Expert Guidance, Everyday Eating
Information and tips on healthy eating problems such as picky eaters.

Meal planning and recipes, developed by Dietitians of Canada and other organizations.

Dietitians of Canada

Eating Disorder Support Network of Alberta
Provides meaningful support to those affected directly and indirectly by eating disorders. 

Healthy Holiday Eating
With a little planning, you can make healthy food choices while enjoying holiday celebrations.