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Primary Care & Patient's Medical Home

Primary Care

Primary Care Networks (PCNs) are Alberta's creative approach to comprehensive and interdisciplinary health care. PCNs constitute a group of family practices where interdisciplinary teams of doctors, nurses, pharmacists, mental health therapists, dietitians and other professionals work in collaboration with family physicians to provide care for your day-to-day health and wellness needs. Primary Care includes your first visit, treatment, follow-up and referrals to specialists, diagnostic services and other community providers. For more information on primary care in Alberta, visit Alberta

Patient's Medical Home

Your family doctor's clinic is your base in the health care system and is called a Patient's Medical Home (PMH) or Health Home. Your doctor will coordinate your medical journey in collaboration with a diverse care team. Having a continuous relationship with your doctor and team is crucial to achieving your health and wellness goals and connect you to the help you need at any time in your life.

To benefit from this model of medical care, you need to have a dedicated family doctor and see your doctor regularly. While your care will be in the hands of your family doctor and health team, you are still encouraged to be empowered with knowledge and self-management of your needs by following through with any recommendations and courses of treatment. For more information on the Patient's Medical Home, please visit ACFP and ACTT



Health Neighbourhood

Your family doctor and care team work in collaboration with Alberta Health Services and other health professionals and providers in your Health Home Community or Neighbourhood. In fact, your Medical Home is part of this bigger health neighbourhood and this is why it is well situated to be tied to other services in the community like social programs and health centres. 

This continuity and the seamless transfer of care among providers is important to achieving your health and wellness goals. Primary care is a profoundly team-based model which enables patients to have continuous relationships with their family physicians and care team in their health community.

WestView PCN's Role

At the WestView Primary Care Network, we are committed to helping our medical homes provide the best primary care to the people we serve in our health community. Our support includes spreading awareness of the importance of having a medical home, helping patients find family doctors, developing various programs based on the needs of our community, offering professional development and networking opportunities for physicians, having resources in place at the different clinics in our network, and consulting and collaborating with health partners in the community.

Partnerships & Collaboratives

The WestView PCN is able to carry out its mission to meet the current and future health needs of our community, with excellence, through the dedicated work of our family physicians, medical and administrative staff, and the strong partnerships and collaboratives we have with different organizations in our community:

Alberta Health Services, City of Spruce Grove, Town of Stony Plain, Parkland School District, Evergreen Catholic School District, Alberta Medical Association, CASA Mental Health, University of Alberta, University of Calgary, and others. 

If you don't have a family doctor, visit our Family Doctors page to search WestView PCN's directory or the wider Edmonton zone PCNs through the AlbertaFindADoctor.ca website.