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Article posted on September 1, 2023

Back to School Health Preparations

Fall is a great time to follow up on your family's health. Summer is over and the kids are getting back to their classrooms and mingling with new classmates and teachers. Both physical and mental health are of utmost importance to help your school-aged children get a successful headstart this academic year.

Back to School Tips

1- Book vision exams 

If you have not done so already, check if your children are due for their annual vision exam. Alberta offers free vision exams to students up to age 19. Also, make sure your kids that do wear glasses are comfortable in their eyewear and the fit is perfect for their head and face.  

2- Book dental appointments 

Are your kids due for their regular dental checkups? You don't want them to start the year with any negative effects a toothache or cavity might give them. Your dentist will advise you if your kids need further help from an orthodontist or other specialized medical support.     

3- See your family doctor for wellness visits 

Your family doctor will check on your children's developmental milestones and advise you of any issues they may have. If it has been a long time since your kids were seen by a doctor, check in with your family doctor's clinic, medical home, or local walk-in clinic. 

4- Get them immunized 

Are your kids due for any vaccines? Make sure they are protected according to the recommended shots they need to take at their age. There are other seasonal vaccines such as that against the flu.  

5- Personal hygiene 

Encourage your children about the importance of keeping their hands clean by washing or sanitizing them regularly. Teach them to cover their coughs and sneezes, and keep them home when sick. 

6- Mental support 

Kids need lots of love and support! Make sure your children know you are their biggest supporter and that there are resources for them if/when they need help at school or home. 

7- Be safe

Depending on their transport method, make sure your kids know the safe walking route to school, how to behave on the bus, or using any other commuting method. Safety education also includes behaving properly inside the school, walking in the hallways, playing on structures in the playground, and eating food and snacks. 


If your family needs mental or physical support in Spruce Grove, Stony Plain or anywhere in the Parkland County area, please visit our services to see how we can help you. Or book an appointment at our Virtual Care Clinic to meet with a Nurse Practitioner online from the comfort of your home. WVPCN also offers free, online health classes.  




Last Updated: Friday, September 01, 2023

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