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Article posted on May 1, 2024

Obesity Awareness

What is Obesity?

Obesity is a chronic, progressive and relapsing disease, characterized by the presence of abnormal or excess adiposity (body fat) that impairs health and social well-being.

Obesity is a leading cause of serious conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, arthritis and cancer. Obesity can have a negative impact on your physical, mental, or metabolic health, as well as overall wellbeing and quality of life. 


Obesity Prevalence

According to Obesity Canada, one in four adults and one in 10 children in Canada are now living with excess weight —this means roughly six million Canadians could be affected by this disease (far more than people living with diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, chronic lung disease or cancer).


Causes / Factors 

Obesity is more than what you eat and how much you move. Obesity is a brain-related disorder. Our brain regulates energy intake and expenditure to maintain weight. This natural function, however, can be disrupted by biological and environmental factors which could affect our feeling of hunger and fullness. 


Weight has more to do with genetics and what we are exposed to in the womb than individual choices about food and exercise.


Other factors that contribute to obesity include:  

  • Genetics: weight has more to do with genetics and what we are exposed to in the womb than individual choices about food and exercise. For example, weight changes in both parents may influence their children's weight. Our genes also affect how we respond to certain diets or how we are affected by TV food advertisements. 
  • External Environment: the degree to which we gain weight can be managed by behavioural interventions, psychological support, medication, and/or surgery. 


What Can We Do?

We can ecognize obesity as a chronic disease that requires lifelong medical care and support, recognize its underlying biological and environmental factors, work on prevention and treatment, and eliminate obesity stigma. 


How Can the PCN Help YOU?  

If you suffer from obesity or want to be proactive and learn more about prevention, the WestView PCN has a dedicated Obesity Clinic and Obesity Nutrition Classes that are offered online and are free! Talk to your family doctor about a referral to the clinic if you need medical help managing obesity. To register for the classes, you do not need a referral. Simply call us to sign up for any of the upcoming dates: 780-960-9533 (Ext. 3). The class is divided into 6 sessions, where you can start at any and go on until you finish all if you wish to. 

Visit these links to learn more and check out upcoming class dates: 

Obesity Clinic

Obesity Nutrition Classes  


What If I Don't Have a Family Physician?

If you do not have a family physician, we invite you to book an appointment with our Nurse Practitioner through the Virtual Care Clinic to discuss your medical needs, renew prescriptions, and more. The PCN also has other services and classes that you can take advantage of. 



Obesity Canada


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Last Updated: Wednesday, May 01, 2024

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