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Older Adult Resource Navigation

Our Community Health Navigators (CHNs) are available to assist Older Adults (59+) who live in Stony Plain or Parkland County. They are also able to assist with information and resource navigation to support families and community members of any age experiencing dementia.  

Possible assistance with:

  • Dementia service navigation   
  • Finding a Doctor
  • Basic Housing Resources
  • Basic Elder Abuse Resources
  • Financial Benefits Forms Assistance
  • Advance Care Planning
  • Navigating Dementia resources 
  • Connections to other resources in the community as needed


How to Refer 

Ask your PCN Doctor about a referral to the Community Health Navigator.



Senior Connect 

SeniorConnect Tri-Region is a free, online training program that teaches residents how to recognize and respond to seniors in need. The program is open to all residents in the Tri-Municipal Region and is an excellent way for us to work together to help seniors in our community find local information, resources, and support. For more info and to sign up, click here.

Seniors Abuse Helpline

Call 780-454-8888 today for 24/7 confidential, non-judgmental support.

Local Seniors Abuse Resource

Call Stony Plain Community & Social Development at 780-963-8583 to be put in contact with the Tri Region Elder Abuse Community Response team if you or a loved one suspect Elder Abuse.

Spruce Grove Golden Age Club

For local activities and recreation in Spruce Grove visit the Spruce Grove Golden Age Club here.

Senior’s Citizen’s Society of Stony Plain

For local activities and recreation in Stony Plain visit the Stony Plain Senior Centre here.

SAGE Seniors Association

Edmonton Based seniors association with resources and support.  Visit their page here.


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