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Detailed WVPCN Clinics Info

Adult Mental Health

Lead: Nancy Norris, Mental Health Therapist (MHT)

Email: nancy.norris@westviewpcn.ca

Public page: https://www.westviewpcn.ca/adult-mental-health

Description: The role of the Mental Health Therapist (MHT) is primarily focused on behavioral modification to achieve improvement in a patient's physical, emotional or mental health issues. The MHT's provide short- term (4 sessions), goal focused psychotherapy (CBT) to adults who present with mild to moderate emotional or psychological issues. The MHT will offer guidance and support to build and implement new skills. The MHT's will work with your primary physician to identify presenting issues and develop a treatment plan.

Referral: A physician referral is needed to access this service.

Referral criteria: MHT's can assist those who are struggling with: mild depression or anxiety disorders, stress, work/life challenges, relationship conflict, and grief.

Referring Physician: Please complete the referral form and fax to (780) 960-9591. Please note that ALL referrals require a PHQ-9 and GAD-9 screen (except referrals for grief). Scores 0-14 (mild to moderate) refer to the MHT. For scores above 15 (severe depression/anxiety), please refer to Access 24/7.

Referral Form

Chronic Pain Clinic

Lead: Dr. Gregory Boughen

Phone: 780-916-1611

Public page: https://www.westviewpcn.ca/pain-clinic

Description: In partnership with the WestView Primary Care Network (WPCN), the Parkland Chronic Pain Clinic (PCPC) opened its doors in February 2006. The clinic accepts referrals from physicians seeking assistance for patients who have been diagnosed with non-malignant chronic pain.

PCPC's multidisciplinary team consists of a Physician Lead, Anesthesiologist, Psychologist, Pharmacist, Physiotherapist, Registered Nurse, and Licensed Practical Nurse.

Referral: Please contact the PCPC for further information or to arrange a referral. Fax: 780-960-1323

Referral criteria: Must be 18 or older. The focus of treatment is specifically for patients with non-malignant pain. The patient describes ongoing or recurrent pain and discomfort that affects their physical, psychological, and/or vocational functioning. All medical investigations to date have been completed and these reports must be provided by the referring physician.

Referral Form

Community Connectors -- for 11-25 Year Old 

Lead: Prab Gill, Community Connector - Spruce Grove

Email: prab.gill@westviewpcn.ca 

Public page: https://www.westviewpcn.ca/community-connectors

Description: The Community Connector supports youth ages 11-25 and their families in accessing community and mental health support by working collaboratively with community stakeholders, social service agencies, and health care providers. The Community Connector acts as a living library of information regarding health and wellness resources that are available within the community, provincially, and virtually. Rather than calling 811 or searching the internet, the Community Connector can provide information to meet the individualized needs of youth.

Areas of support include: art/ recreation, child intervention systems, counselling/ psychology, crisis/ Emergency Intervention, cultural supports, family resource networks, food supports, housing/ finance supports, LGBTQ2S+ supports, mental health supports, parenting education/supports, primary health care, sexual health/reproductive supports, social work, specialized medical/psychiatric supports (**connection to a healthcare provider may be needed), substance use disorder counseling/support.

Referral: Referrals can be made to the Community Connector by the school administration, local physicians, or any community agency. Students and families may also self-refer by contacting the Community Connector directly. To make a referral or self-referral to a Community Connector please email the youth's first and last name, contact information, and areas where support is needed.

Referral criteria:

Please remember that Community Connectors are NOT crisis workers. Community Connectors can direct you to the appropriate crisis resources. If there is a youth in crisis, please connect with the following crisis support:

Children and Youth 17 & Under

  • Kids Help Phone: To Access, Call 780-668-6868 or Toll-Free: 1-800-668-6868 or Text CONNECT to 686868 or Get support from a crisis responder through Facebook Messenger  Visit KidsHelpPhone.ca/Messenger.
  • Stollery Crisis Team: To access, call 780-407-1000.

Adults 18+

  • CMHA Distress Line: To access, call 780-482-HELP(4357), or outside of Edmonton Area, call 1-800-232-7288 or via  the online chat.
  • Adult Crisis Team: To access, call 780-424-2424, option 2.


To make a referral or self-referral to a Community Connector please email the youth's first and last name, contact information, and areas where support is needed:

Spruce Grove: prab.gill@westviewpcn.ca

Stony Plain: michelle.enright@westviewpcn.ca

Rural Parkland County: communityconnectorw@partner.psd.ca


Community Connectors -- for Older Adults

Lead: Jolene Maxwell, Community Connector, RSW

Email: jolene.maxwell@westviewpcn.ca

Public page: https://www.westviewpcn.ca/older-adult-community-connector

Description: The Community Connector for Older Adults supports adults 59+ and seniors in finding and accessing resources in the community. Areas of support could include providing basic housing information, financial forms assistance, navigating the health care system, advanced care planning, navigating dementia resources, and connections to other resources in the community as needed. The Community Connector also specializes in resource finding and navigation for clients with Dementia and their caregivers.

Referral: For older adults' resource navigation, a doctor's referral is needed to access this service. For dementia resource navigation, clients can also self-refer by calling Stony Plain Community & Social Development at 780-963-8583.

Referral criteria: Adults 59+ and seniors

Referral Form (Dementia)

Community Health Navigator

Lead: Abi Ariyo, Social Worker, Community Health Navigator Supervisor

Email: abi.ariyo@westviewpcn.ca

Public page: https://www.westviewpcn.ca/community-health-navigator

Description: The Community Health Navigator (CHN) position works with the Westview PCN targeted patients with chronic diseases (e.g. diabetes, kidney disease, heart disease, lung disease, etc.) to improve access to health care and other resources available in their community. This role works with patients, communities, physicians, and the health care team to provide the best care possible. CHNs are members of primary health care teams and experts in helping patients find health, social, and cultural resources in their communities. The CHN program can be offered virtually, in person, or a combination of both to support patients living with chronic disease.

Referral: The Community Health Navigators accepts direct referrals from PCN physicians and clinical associates via WestView PCN Clinical Fax (780) 960-9591.

Referral criteria: Must be 18 or older with capacity of self-management, living with uncontrolled chronic diseases, experiencing social or material deprivation with emphasis on social determinants of health, motivated to achieve goals for wellness, unstable mental health, facing barriers and in need of multiple support, lack of informal support, cultural or language barrier, facing stigma and social exclusion.

Referral Form

One-Pager (Physicians)

One-Pager (Patients)

Obesity Clinic

Lead: Dr. D'Agostini

Email: penny.grise@westviewpcn.ca

Public page: https://www.westviewpcn.ca/obesity-clinic

Description: Patients with chronic obesity are referred to the Obesity Clinic by physicians for assessments, education, and self-care management. Patients of the Obesity Clinic receive care from a dedicated team of healthcare professionals in a number of ways: monitoring, group learning sessions, nutrition classes, mental health counseling, screening, routine blood work, and referrals.

Referral: The Obesity Clinic requires a physician referral. The Obesity Clinic Nutrition Classes are open for registration by the patients.

Referral criteria: Must be 18 or older

Referral Form

One Pager

Obesity Nutrition Class

Pediatric Asthma Clinic

Lead: Dr. Ian Johnson 


Public page: https://www.westviewpcn.ca/asthma-clinic

Description: Dr. J. Patidar, Dr. D. Horney, and Dr. I. Johnson along with the Westview Health Centre Respiratory Therapy team provide asthma care, education, and a comprehensive and engaging experience for children (under 17 years) with asthma or other respiratory conditions, their family, and the entire community. This service is provided at the WestView Health Centre in Stony Plain, typically on the first, third, and fifth Thursday of the month, from 9 am-noon.

Referral: Patients require a referral from a family physician, emergency room doctor, or the WestView Health Centre's Respiratory Therapy team. Phone: 780-968-3699. Fax: 780-968-3791.

Referral criteria: Must be 17 or younger with asthma or other respiratory conditions

Referral Form

Youth Mental Health Clinic

Lead: Dr. Sonia Fairfield


Public page: https://www.westviewpcn.ca/youth-mental-health

Description: The Youth Mental Health Clinic is a specialty clinic offering wrap-around mental health services for youth. Services are offered by a multidisciplinary team consisting of Physicians, a Registered Social Worker, a Behavioral Health Consultant, Youth Therapists, and Community Connectors. The main focus of the clinic is diagnosing and managing ADHD, anxiety, and depression.

Referral: Fax: 780-960-9591

Referral criteria: Must be 11-25 for clinic-based referral; 11-17 for walk-in.

Referral Form



Shared Care Maternity Family Practice

Lead: Dr. Krista Piebiak-Patterson


Public page: https://www.westviewpcn.ca/maternity

Description: The Shared Care Maternity Family Practice Program is a family physician-focused obstetrics program supported by funding from the WestView PCN. The program aims at increasing family physician capacity for low-risk primary maternity care, reintegrating family physicians into primary maternity care, and enhancing the work-life of family physicians that provide maternity care. Participating WestView PCN physicians will collaborate and share the maternity care of expectant mothers who are enrolled by their attending physicians.

Referral: No referral is required. Patients may contact any of the physicians listed in the brochure.

Referral criteria: N/A

Referral Form


Low-Risk Maternity Clinics in the Edmonton Zone

Social Worker

Lead: Abi Ariyo, Social Worker, Community Health Navigator Supervisor

Email: abi.ariyo@westviewpcn.ca

Public page: https://www.westviewpcn.ca/social-worker

Description: The Social Worker offers support and help in directing the patient to other services they might need and help them navigate through the system and get different kinds of assistance with such things as mental health, family support, seniors' services, counseling, and more. The Social Worker co-locates between the WestView PCN office clinical space and Main Street Medical Clinic (Stony Plain).

Referral: The Social Worker only accepts direct referrals at both locations from PCN physicians and clinical associates via WestView PCN Clinical Fax (780) 960-9591.

Referral criteria:

Referral Form

Virtual Care Clinic

Lead: Jessica Chong, NP

Email: jessica.chong@westviewpcn.ca

Public page: https://www.westviewpcn.ca/virtual-care-clinic

Description: WVPCN's Virtual Care Clinic allows patients to meet with a Nurse Practitioner online using a mobile device or computer from the comfort of their homes or anywhere with an internet connection. Evening and after-hours appointments are available, with in-person appointments if needed. Services of the clinic include prescription refills, COVID-19 follow-up, and help to find a local family doctor.

Referral: N/A

Referral criteria:N/A

Booking Page

Women's Health Clinic

Lead: Shelley Pochonyk, NP


Public page: https://www.westviewpcn.ca/womens-health

Description: This clinic serves women without a family physician, or who are looking for a female physician with whom to discuss their sexual and reproductive health. The clinic is held weekly on Wednesday mornings in Spruce Grove. Free and confidential services provided by a team of female physicians and nurses include: complete physical exams focusing on health promotion and preventative health, menopause counseling, cervical screening (pap tests), birth control counseling, education and prescriptions, sexually transmitted infection testing and treatment, and breast health.

Referral: Physician referral is not required. Patients can call (780) 960-9533 ext. 221 to book a Wednesday morning appointment at the WestView Primary Care Network clinic.

Referral criteria:

One-Pager (Women)

One-Pager (Young Women)


Pharmacists Info

Kara Mohr – Pharmacy Lead, Clinical Pharmacist
Email: kara.mohr@westviewpcn.ca
Phone: (C) 780-913-4346
Monday - Friday: Meridian Medical Clinic

Rami Chowaniec – Diabetes Educator Pharmacist – Meridian, Westgrove, Spruce Pro, Main Street
Email: rami.chowaniec@sobeys.com
Phone: (C) 587-334-2983

Gideon Gunawan - Clinical Pharmacist
Email: gideon.gunawan.westviewpcn@gmail.com
Phone: (C) 780-862-3912
Monday am - Main Street Medical/Westgrove Clinic (alternate each week)
Monday pm - Spruce Pro Clinic
Tuesday - Westgrove Clinic - Full day
Wednesday - Chronic Pain Clinic - Full day
Thursday - Westgrove Clinic - Full day
Friday - Symphony Medical - morning only